one-to-one skype classes

Whether you are preparing for an exam, practising a presentation, travelling abroad, preparing for an interview or just want to try out your speaking and pronunciation skills in a conversation class - I'm here for you! You will receive personal corrections from me. Try a class and see if you like it?


phrasal verb course

If you want to learn the most common phrasal verbs as quickly as possible and in a visual and memorable way, you will love my ‘Phrasal Verbs in Use’ video course. Premium members also get my WhatsApp number (for just $10 more) and can send my their answers via voice messages.

children's english classes

children's classes

Your children learn English at school but do they really get time to speak? The children I teach via video calls enjoy my 'classes' because they don't even realise it is a class! They are too busy playing games, talking, listening, singing and looking at colourful, interesting books with me. Try a free trial!